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Contentious or non-inclusive activities & discussions
Contentious or non-inclusive activities & discussions

Rules and rationale regarding contentious or non-inclusive activities & discussions on Stitch, including what's allowed and what's not

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Stitch was created to be a welcoming community for everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, political persuasion, sexual orientation, or indeed any other factor that may differentiate members of the community. Stitch allows every member of the community, no matter who they are, to connect with other members around things they care about or have in common.

The community is incredibly diverse, with members from a vast array of different backgrounds and perspectives. Stitch has a mandate to provide ways for all those members to connect and meet other like-minded members.

One consequence of this is that occasionally members create activities or discussions that are relevant to one part of the community, but not others.

This can sometimes raise objections from other members of the community, who don't understand why a community devoted to diversity and inclusion would allow activities that aren't for everyone. The sorts of activities or discussions that have caused objections in the past have included things such as:

  • Activities that have a religious dimension to them, such as Christmas carols or a Ramadan feast

  • Discussions or activities related to one particular political viewpoint, such as conservative or liberal

  • Activities designed to connect members from one particular minority group, such as African-American members, or even some of the women-only or men-only activities in the community

  • Discussions or activities related to a topic about which there are strongly held opinions, such as protest marches for climate change

All of these activities and discussions are allowed on Stitch. What is not allowed is behavior related to these activities that breaches the Stitch Community Guidelines.

This is a very complex and nuanced topic, so we have put together the following video to help explain what is allowed, and what is not, when it comes to contentious or non-inclusive activities and discussions in the community.

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