When you create a Group on Stitch, Stitch will ask you what type of group you would like to create. You will have three options to select from: 

  • Regular groups
  • Public (or "Open") groups
  • Private groups 

Regular Groups 

Regular groups are for Full members only (i.e. anyone on a Community, Community Plus or Community Manager plan). You will sometimes hear these groups described as Member-only groups. 

Community, Community Plus and Community Manager members can create an unlimited number of Regular groups.

Public (or "Open") groups

Public (or "Open") groups are for all verified members of Stitch. This means that all members of Stitch will be able to join your group, both Basic and Full. 

This means your Group is open to the public (since anyone can become a Basic member for free). 

Community Plus members can create one Public group and have up to 30 Basic members within it. Community Manager members can create 3 Public groups, with an unlimited number of Basic members in each.

Private groups

Private groups are only for members you personally invite to your group. Events and discussions posted to a Private group can only be seen by members of the group.

Only Community Plus and Community Manager members can create Private Groups. They have the ability to create an unlimited number of these groups.

When you create a Private Group, no invitations are sent out to the Stitch community. Instead, you will need to invite people to join your group individually.

You do this by going to the Members tab on your group, and selecting Add new as seen in the image below:

You will then be prompted to choose who to invite to your Group, as seen in the image below. Note that you can only invite people who have connected with you privately via one-on-one messaging. If you want to invite someone to a group, you will first need to send them a message via Stitch, and they will need to respond, before you can invite them to a Private Group.

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