As a Stitch organizer, the first couple of activities and events you post on Stitch are reviewed by the Stitch team to make sure they comply with the Stitch Community Guidelines, and to make sure you have included all necessary information. This means that your first activities and events will not be automatically published on Stitch.

After you have published 3 in-person activities OR 3 virtual activities, your future activities will be automatically published on Stitch. However, please know there are exceptions to this.

You can post up to 2 activities per day, or up to 3 a week for them to be automatically published to Stitch. Any more than this, and they’ll be sent to Stitch for review. This is to prevent the Stitch community from receiving too many notifications about your events in a short period of time.

If you have posted more than 30 activities, any future ones you post will be automatically published on Stitch, regardless of how many you post in a day or week.

Please note that private activities and events will always be automatically published on Stitch.

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