Member badges are the colored boxes displayed to the right next to a person’s name in comments, or beneath the name on a profile page. Badges are used to indicate Member Status, which helps give you some idea of how much that person contributes to the Stitch Community. 

Members with higher status levels stand out as people who frequently help others, and are often a good indicator of trustworthiness. 

Badges can also be used to indicate extra privileges that member has earned in the community.

This article explains the member badges you are likely to see on Stitch.

Account Types

Basic Members

Basic members of Stitch are able to attend and create open events and activities, and take part in most real-world activities in the community. They cannot attend premium member-only events, or use most of Stitch's capabilities for connecting with other members online, such as group discussions and one-on-one messaging.

Premium Members

Premium Stitch members have paid for a full membership of the Stitch Community, with either a Community or Community+ membership. Premium members get access to all aspects of the community, can come to members-only events and activities, create groups, suggest events, and more.

Stitch Team Members

Members of the Stitch team will be shown with the Stitch badge. Please say hello!

Partner Accounts

Partners of Stitch have limited access to the community in order to create events and activities that may be of interest to Stitch members. They are only able to attend activities and join groups that they organize themselves.

Commercial Accounts

Commercial members are Stitch members who have been identified themselves as conducting activities on Stitch for commercial or semi-commercial purposes. Stitch permits these activities provided Commercial members comply with a strict set of guidelines in order to post their activities on Stitch. This includes full transparency regarding the nature of their business, and any fees charged in return for their events. Commercial members are also limited in the number of groups and activities they can create on Stitch.

Status Levels

Unverified Members

Members who have joined Stitch but have not yet verified their accounts will be shown with the Unverified badge. These members often attend open events held by Stitch Community Champions in order to get verified in person. 

Unverified members can attend events and activities, but cannot communicate with other Stitch members until they are verified.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond Members

Members who achieve higher member status through membership points will be indicated with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond badges respectively.

Status levels indicate how much a member contributed to the community over the previous 12 months. Members with higher status levels stand out as people who frequently help others, and are often a good indicator of trustworthiness. 

Members with higher status levels earn additional privileges on Stitch, including access to additional features, gifts and rewards, discounted memberships, and more.

You can learn more about status levels and the Stitch Reward program here

Achievement Badges

The Community Champion badge is awarded to any member who has successfully held three Stitch events in their area. Community Champions are trusted members of the community who are able to publish events and activities without needing review by the Stitch team. 

Community Champions can also verify new members at events. 

If you have any additional questions about member badges, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are always happy to help!

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