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Fixing photo upload issues on Android
Fixing photo upload issues on Android

How to fix photo upload issues on certain versions of Android

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Certain versions of Android are currently experiencing a bug that prevents the Stitch app from being able to upload photos. This currently prevents you from uploading a profile picture, or uploading photos for your events and activities, using the Stitch app on those versions of Android.

While we wait for a fix for the bug, there are three alternative methods for uploading your photo that we can recommend:

  1. Use Stitch in a web browser on a different device, such as a laptop

  2. Uninstall the Stitch app on your Android phone, and use Stitch in the browser on your phone

  3. Email the photo to Stitch Support, and we will upload it for you

Let's break down each of these options below.

Upload using the web browser on a different device

If you have access to a different device, such as a laptop, desktop PC, or iPad, you can use the web browser on that device to log in to Stitch and upload the photo you want.

Just navigate to:

and log in with your Stitch credentials. From there, you will be able to use Stitch normally, and can upload the photos you want.

Uninstall the app on your Android phone

If you don't have access to a different device, you can still use Stitch on your Android phone using your phone's web browser, as long as you uninstall the Stitch app first.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Uninstall the Stitch app on your Android phone

  2. Open the web browser on your phone and navigate to

  3. Log in using your Stitch credentials

  4. Upload your photo as normal

Email your photo to Stitch

If neither of those options work for you, then the Stitch team is here to help! Simply email us at, attaching the photo you wish to upload, and tell us whether it's for your profile picture, an event picture, or something else. We'll upload it for you and let you know when it's done.

This issue is affecting a number of applications, not just Stitch. We are aware that a fix is under development, although no date has been announced yet. If you'd like to be notified when the issue is resolved, please let us know.

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