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How to suggest, organize, and travel with other Stitch members on Stitch Trips

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Stitch is introducing travel to the community with our new feature, Stitch Trips.

Stitch Trips are currently in what's known as "Beta testing", which means we are testing out the feature with a selected set of members to get their feedback and make sure the system meets their expectations before opening it up to the Stitch Community more generally.

That means that Stitch Trips β€” as well as this help article β€” are currently under construction 😊.

We'll be updating this article as we improve the Stitch Trips feature on Stitch, and fleshing out the information listed here based on your questions and feedback, so please come back regularly to check things out as it evolves.

In the meantime, here are some of the most common questions members have asked so far about the Stitch Trips feature:

Do I need to book my flights through Stitch?

No, you are free to organize your flights and destination transfers yourself if you want to. We just provide the option of booking via the Stitch Travel team for members who want us to organize their entire trip, door-to-door.

What trips can I list on the Stitch Trips page?

Almost any trip you can find listed on the Internet can be listed as a Stitch Trip. As long as you can point us to a trip listing on a travel provider's website, we can create a Stitch Trip for you.

Trips can include small group tours or walks (with companies like Intrepid, Auswalk, etc), ocean cruises (Princess, Carnival, etc), river cruises (Uniworld, Viking, etc), coach touring (Travel Marvel, Globus, etc), culinary tours, rail journeys, art & history tours, food & wine tours, gardening tours ... the only limit is your imagination!

We will, on occasion, choose not to list trips from certain providers if we are aware they have a poor reputation, or have had bad experiences with them in the past. Providers who don't honor refund requests, or don't deliver on their promises, will be excluded from Stitch. We do this to protect our members from having a bad experience, and to protect the reputation of the community itself.

What trips can't be listed on the Stitch Trips page?

Apart from trips from providers with poor reputations, as outlined above, other trips we can't list on the Stitch Trips page includes:

  • Tailor-made custom multi-point trips, such as booking a series of hotels in different cities, with car hire in between. We are able to book these trips for you privately, but the logistics involved in organizing large groups for trips like this require an extra level of complexity that we don't currently support. We do, however, hope to support these types of trips in the future, so stay tuned!

  • Trips that include content that is not appropriate for the Stitch Community

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