Stitch Membership Types

As outlined on the Stitch Membership page, Stitch has two membership types:

  • Basic Membership
  • Full Membership

Who is each of the membership types for? 

Basic Membership 

Our Basic membership is for people who want to be part of the Stitch Community but either aren't ready to commit to a Full membership yet, or just want to participate in the community to a limited extent.

Basic members have the ability to get fully engaged with the Stitch community in the real world, and connect with new companions while enjoying similar interests.

They can create their own Stitch Activities & Events, and attend any activities that have not been reserved for "Full members only".

If Basic members wish to communicate more broadly with the wider Stitch community online (i.e. comment in Discussion forums or communicate one-on-one with other members), or access any of the other parts of Stitch reserved for "Full members only", they will need to upgrade to a Full membership. Member-only features are outlined at the bottom of this page.

So why does Stitch offer a free membership? 

In case you don’t already know, Stitch is a social enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses whose primary goal is to address an important social issue and make a positive impact on the world. 

Research has confirmed time and again that positive social connections help us lead healthier, happier and less stressful lives, but far too many people lose social connections as they age. Our aim is to help local communities connect and help people make meaningful friendships that enrich their lives. 

Having said this, not everyone is able or ready to support the community with even a small annual membership fee. Some people face truly significant financial constraints, while others are in the process of major life transitions and aren’t quite ready to join a community like Stitch.

That’s why Stitch offers a free membership. 

We ask that most Basic members eventually choose to become Full members of the community once they’re ready, but if they face financial constraints that make that impossible, they can still be part of the community as a Basic member.

Full Membership

It should be clear by now that Stitch is a membership-based community. That means the only way we are able to continue to operate, support, and grow the Stitch community is through membership fees. 

We chose a membership-fee community model as we believe it’s the only one which allows a community to operate solely in its members’ interests. 

Other ways of generating revenue, such as through advertising, puts a company in the position where it is ultimately beholden to those advertisers, rather than the people they really should care about. We’ve all seen how that ultimately plays out with every single “free” social network over the past few years. 

That means Stitch relies on its members to become Full members if they wish to participate fully in the community. You need to become a Full member if you want to:

  • Attend member-only Stitch Activities
  • Join member-only Stitch Groups
  • Create or suggest member-only Activities 
  • Create or suggest Groups of your own
  • Participate in the Stitch Forums
  • Use Stitch's features for making online connection with other Stitch members (posting comments on Stitch Activities, for example, or sending direct messages to other attendees)
  • Browse and connect with Stitch members on the Members page
  • Earn Membership Points & Rewards

We have intentionally chosen a very low annual membership fee for our Community membership, to make it as affordable to as many people as possible. For a very simple comparison, our Community plan is just a fraction of the cost of a membership of anything you’ll find on an online dating site.

All our modest membership fees are reinvested back into the community, with every dollar going towards not just operating, supporting, and improving the Stitch site and app, but also promoting Stitch in new and existing areas to grow and enrich our community with more members. And with more members comes more opportunities for companionship, which benefits everyone in the community. 

Everyone who chooses a Full membership is doing their bit to support the community!

Membership Plans 

Stitch has two different Full membership plans:

  • Community
    The Community plan is suitable for most members. It entitles you to be a full member of the Stitch community, with unlimited access to community activities, interest groups, online discussions, and membership rewards. 
  • Community Plus
    As the name implies, the Community Plus plan includes all the benefits of the standard Community membership, with extra features tailored to suit members who are seeking romance or other forms of one-on-one companionship. These include the ability to browse member profiles on the Members page, greater access to one-on-one connections, and the ability to view additional profile information about other members.

Which plan should you choose?

If your main goal is simply to join the Stitch community and meet other members through activities, interest groups, or online discussions, then choose the Community plan. 

If, on the other hand, you want to be part of the community but also want to connect with other Stitch members individually for one-to-one companionship by browsing profiles on the Members page, or are specifically looking for romance, then choose the Community Plus plan.

Both plans provide full membership of the community, as we ultimately believe that the best way to enrich your life is to engage with other members in the real world, and we encourage all our Plus members to participate in the community as much as they can. 

It’s worth noting that members on the Community plan who contribute consistently to the community by creating events and activities, or getting new members to join, will be rewarded with higher Membership Status, which in turn can provide them all the benefits of the Community Plus plan. 

Comparing the Membership Types

The following lists outline the various feature differences between Stitch’s different membership types.

Basic Membership

Basic members can: 

  • Attend an unlimited number of "open" Stitch events and activities (i.e. those that have not been reserved for "Full members only")
  • Create and organize activities of their own
  • Join "open" Stitch groups
  • Respond to messages they receive from other members 

Community Membership

Community members have all the rights of a Basic member, plus they can: 

  • Attend unlimited member-only Stitch Activities
  • Join unlimited Stitch Groups
  • Create or suggest Activities & Groups of their own
  • Participate in the Stitch Forums
  • Browse a single profile per day on the Members page
  • View their connection history, and change decisions about profiles they have skipped or dismissed
  • Earn Membership Points & Rewards
  • Receive member-only discounts at paid Stitch events

A Community membership can be chosen for an annual or monthly renewal period. 

Community Plus Membership

Community Plus members have all the rights of a Community member, plus they get: 

  • 20 new connections with other Stitch members per day via the Members page, with members suggested based on companionship preferences, shared interests, distance settings, and more 
  • Ability to view the romantic & friendship preferences of other members, to see what type of companionship they are looking for
  • Fast track to Silver membership status
  • Up to 7,800 bonus Stitch Membership Points per year

A Community Plus membership can be chosen for an annual or monthly renewal period. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Stitch membership pricing and how Stitch works. If you don't see an answer to your questions here, check out the rest of our help articles on the Stitch Help Center, or else feel free to send us a message!

What is the cost of membership for each membership type?

Our annual and monthly membership fees vary in different countries based on different exchange rates and currencies. In the US and most other countries, a Community membership is $5 per month when billed annually (i.e. $60 per year), while a Community+ membership starts at $15 per month when billed annually. Monthly options are available for both membership types.

Stitch currently supports pricing in local currencies for US, Australian and UK members, and we hope to add more countries later this year.

Go to the Stitch Membership page to see the membership fees that apply in your area.

Why are the annual plans so much cheaper than the monthly plan?

One thing we've learned at Stitch is that the best relationships don't happen by reading and dismissing thousands of profiles online. They happen by being engaged in the community, getting to know other members based on shared interests, and judging them by how they behave more than what they say about themselves on their profiles.

We've also learned that finding the best relationships takes time. So that's why we try to make our annual plans as attractive as possible, to encourage members to join the community for the full year, and maximize their chances of getting the most they can out of being part of Stitch.

Can I try Stitch for free before joining?

The Basic membership was designed to let you do more than just try Stitch for free ... you can stay a Basic member as long as you want! You will be invited to any Open events and activities in your local area, which will let you come along to meet other Stitch members and find out what Stitch is all about.

If the Stitch Community isn't fully active in your area yet, you don't need to worry, you can stay a Basic member as long as you want for free. And you'll be the first to know when other members in your area start organizing groups, events and activities! Stitch isn't in every city just yet, but we don't expect our members to take out paid memberships until they feel they want to support the community. A Basic membership lets you do exactly that, for as long as you want. 

Of course, we hope that once you've had a taste for the Stitch community you'll eventually choose a paid membership so you can support what Stitch is doing, but that's completely up to you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! If you don't want your membership to renew in the next billing period, just select Manage Subscription on the Membership page and cancel your renewal.

Can I switch between membership types?

Absolutely. If you've already selected one membership type and want to change to a different one, simply press the View more membership plans button on the Memberships page and select the new plan you'd like.

Are there any other fees and charges?

Stitch doesn't charge anything beyond the membership fees noted on our web site.

Please note, however, that our current credit card processing provider is a US-based company. This means that if you live outside the US, it is possible your bank will impose an international transaction fee when your membership is processed, even if we are charging in your local currency. Not all banks do this, and we don't think the charge is justified, but there isn't currently anything we can do to prevent them from charging you this extra fee. We will be working to implement a new payment gateway to remove these additional charges in the future. 

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