Members who organize activities on Stitch get to choose between three event types when creating an activity:

  • Regular events
  • Public (or "Open") events
  • Full Members Only events 

Organizers of Private groups can also create Private events. 

This article outlines the differences between each type of event, and when you might choose one type or another.

Regular events 

Regular events are for Full members, plus new members who want to come along and see what Stitch is all about before they decide to join. Public members can attend up to 3 regular events before they need to become a Full member. 

Full members can create an unlimited number of Regular events & activities. 

Public members can only create Regular events if they live in a location where there is no active Stitch Community. 

Public events 

Public (or "Open") events are for all members of Stitch, both Public and Full. 

If you want to maximize the number of people who can join your event, then opening your group to all members of Stitch by hosting a Public event can be a good idea.  

Community Standard and Community Manager members can create an unlimited number of Public events & activities. 

Community Basic and Public members cannot create Public events.

Full Members Only events 

Full Members Only events are restricted to Full members of Stitch. 

Many members create member-only events as they find Full members are more likely to attend their events, respond to messages, and be an active member of the community. 

Event organizers sometimes choose to create a member-only event when their event has a limited number of attendees, or they don't want to spend time explaining Stitch to new members or helping them get verified.

Member-only events only allow members who support the community financially (with our very small membership fee!) can attend, which in turn helps ensure Stitch is able to keep running.

Private Events 

Events may also be created as Private, by creating the event within a Private Group. 

Only members of the Private Group will be notified of the event and be able to see the event listed on Stitch. 

Learn more about Private Groups here

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