If you're organizing an activity on Stitch, you can choose who gets invited and is able to attend. During the event creation process, you'll see a page that looks like this:

Who would you like to invite?

At the top of the page, you can choose whether you would like us to invite:

  • The entire Stitch Community, or

  • Members of a Stitch Group

If you choose a Stitch Group that you belong to, your event will be placed in that group and every member of the group will receive a direct email inviting them to the event. If the group is a Private Group, the activity will only be shown to members of the group and will not appear on the Activity page for other members.

If you choose the entire Stitch Community, the event will be posted to the general community Activity page, and members in the area will be notified of the event based on their notification settings.

Setting an attendee limit

You can set a limit for the total number of attendees for your activity by changing the number in the Max. total attendees field.

Who is able to attend?

In addition to deciding where your event is posted, you also get to choose who is able to click the Attend button to register as an attendee.

By default, events created on Stitch are for Full members only, as well as any new members of the community (i.e. who joined in the last 30 days), as a way to welcome new members to the community and help introduce them to what Stitch is all about.

You can, however, change this setting by selecting the Advanced link, which will show you some additional options as shown in the image below:

You can choose from the following options:

  • Full Members Only

  • Full Members + New members

  • Any verified Stitch member

  • General Public

Each of these options is explained below.

Full members only
Only Full members of Stitch can attend the activity.

Full members + new members
The event is primarily for Full members of Stitch, but new members who have joined in the last 30 days can also attend, as a way to welcome them to the community and introduce them to Stitch. This is the default setting.

Any verified Stitch member
Any verified member of Stitch can attend. This includes both Full members and Limited members of Stitch.

General public
Anyone can attend this event. This includes both Full members and Limited members of Stitch. Event details may be posted publicly on the Internet for non-members to view.

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