On this page you will find all the major improvements that are made to Stitch. This page is updated regularly, so check in again soon for the latest developments. 

Most of these improvements have been at the request of our members, so please keep sending your feedback to support@stitch.net so we can keep improving Stitch for you. 


August 2019

Stitch is becoming mobile friendly! 

After discovering that most of our community uses Stitch on their mobile, we decided it was time to make some important upgrades to the Stitch mobile experience.  

After months of hard work from our development team, we can now announce that Stitch is on its way to becoming mobile friendly! Even though there’s still a lot more work to be done, you’ll notice that using Stitch on your mobile is now much easier and smoother than it used to be. 

Before the update, if you were to click on a Stitch link on your mobile, you would have been taken to your preferred internet browser and had to use Stitch there, even if you had the Stitch app installed on your phone. 

Now, any links you press will take you either straight to the Stitch app, or you’ll be given a choice as to where you’d like to open the link - in your browser or in your app. You now have a choice! 

This is just the first step toward a more enjoyable and seamless Stitch experience on mobile - stay tuned for more exciting updates! 


Create Activities and Discussions from within your group

You can now create an activity and discussion from within your chosen Stitch Group. 

Previously you would have had to visit the Activities and Discussions pages on Stitch to create an Activity or start a new Discussion. Now, you can do these from within the Stitch Group you wish to invite. 

This is one small way we have made it easier for our community to connect with their fellow Stitchers. Learn more here

July 2019 

Stitch now has a video library 

Every since Stitch was launched our Help Center has been the go-to place for answers to all your questions about Stitch and the Community, everything from how to change your profile picture to posting an activity on Stitch. 

Now, we also have a Stitch video library! 

The Stitch video library is where you’ll find a growing number of videos designed to help you understand the Stitch Community. 

These include general videos about Stitch and the Stitch Community; interviews with Stitch members; tutorials; and video updates about the latest happenings on Stitch. 

We’re adding new videos all the time so please visit the Stitch video library frequently to check out what’s happening.


May 2019 

Helping others complete their Stitch profile 

A common request from existing community members has been for the ability to easily help other members set up and complete their profile, especially new members who may have difficulty doing so. 

We’ve listened to your requests, and now give Gold, Platinum and Diamond members the ability to help others set up and complete their profile! Learn how to do so here


New look Stitch Groups 

The new Stitch Groups now give group organizers and owners the ability to better organize and manage their communities as they see fit, as they now have full control over their group’s members, activities, discussions and announcements. Learn more here.

March 2019 

Changes to activity & event email notifications 

Previously when an activity or event was created in your local community you would receive an email inviting you to this event. In very active communities, where multiple activities may be suggested every day, that meant members could receive multiple emails per day.

Now, rather than receiving a separate email for every single activity or event posted in your city, Stitch gives you more control over which events you want to be notified about.

If you have enabled event & activity notifications on the Notification Settings page, you will now receive:

  • An email invitation only for activities which are organized for Groups you have joined, and
  • A weekly summary of new activities in your area, based on the distance preferences you have chosen.

Let’s look at the above in detail.


Invitations to activities organized for Stitch Groups you have joined

Stitch now only sends out email invitations for activities and events organized for Stitch Groups you have already joined. This means that you have complete control over which invitations you receive. 

If you’re interested in being invited to anything to do with ballroom dancing, for example, you might join a Ballroom Dancing Group in your area. Or if you love the comedy events held in Manhattan, just join the Stitch Manhattan Comedy Group in order to be invited to those events.

You will receive event notifications for all Groups you have joined, regardless where those events are held. 

This means that if you sometimes travel between different locations, for example, you can join groups in both locations in order to find out about events you’d like to attend. Or you may be so passionate about bird-watching that you are willing to travel hundreds of miles for a bird-watching expedition, so you join a bird-watching group that is far away from you, but keep the rest of your activities on Stitch local. 

It’s totally up to you!


Weekly summary of new activities and events in your area

Being notified about activities for the Stitch Groups you belong to makes sense, but what about all the other activities happening in your area? 

As outlined above, in Stitch areas which have a lot of community activity, the number of invitation emails being sent could prove overwhelming. So Stitch no longer sends an invitation for each new event in your area. 

But at the same time, you still want to know about those events, as there is often a lot of great stuff going on. You just don’t want to receive dozens of emails every day!

Stitch now addresses this by sending a weekly summary of all the events published during the previous week in your area. Best of all, you get to choose the distance that defines what your “local area” means to you.

For some people, this will mean getting a summary of all the events happening very close to them, for example within 3 miles of where they live. For others, it may mean being willing to drive for an hour or two to get to events in a nearby city. 

Once again, the choice is yours. 

To control which activities are shown in your weekly summary, visit the Notification Settings page and change your distance preference as shown in the image below:

Changes to who you invite to your activities 

When creating an activity, you are now offered more choice in who to invite to your event. As you can see from the image below, you now have three options: 

  • General invite
    This invites everyone within your local community to your activity, provided they have event notifications enabled.
  • Stitch Group members
    Selecting this option allows you to invite all members within a particular Stitch Group, provided you belong to the group you wish to invite. If you are not currently a member of the group, you are given the option to join it. Simply select the red text that says Join more groups here.
  • General invite + Group members
    Selecting this option allows you to invite all members with your local community, as well as a specific Stitch Group, provided you already belong to this group. If you are not currently a member of the group, you are given the option to join it. Simply select the red text that says Join more groups here


Changes to Stitch Membership plans 

We have now simplified our memberships, offering you two plans to choose from: Basic and Full. Learn more about each membership plan here

February 2019

Contacting unverified members 

Gold, Platinum and Diamond members now have access to an additional feature that directly helps them build and grow their local community - it’s the ability to communicate with unverified members. 

Previously, unverified members could not communicate with the community in any way. They couldn’t initiate conversations with other members, nor can they respond to messages they had been sent (though they could read them).
Now, Gold, Platinum and Diamond members can initiate a two-way conversation with unverified members, opening up a dialogue between existing and possibly nervous new members.
In most cases, unverified members need a little encouragement to get verified, and a welcoming message and an invite to an upcoming event from a trusted member of the community (such as Gold, Platinum and Diamond members) will go a long way in motivating them get verified and join the community!
Learn more about this feature here.

January 2019

New Members page to replace Profiles

If you’ve logged on to Stitch recently, you may have noticed that the Profiles page has been replaced with Members.

Where Stitch Groups, Activities and Chat help connect you with ‘groups’ of people, the Members page differs in that it is dedicated to helping you more easily find people in your local community and connect one-on-one with them.

You’ll notice that the Members page now looks like the below image -- all members within your community are featured, allowing you to easily scroll through the page until you find someone you’d like to reach out to.

This is an invaluable tool if you are a community builder hoping to grow your local community or wanting to invite people to your upcoming activities. It's also beneficial if you're wanting to reach out and meet people in your local community for either friendship or romance. 

This functionality is offered to members who have reached Gold level status or above, as you have proven you are a trusted Stitch member who contributes positively to the community. 

As a Gold level or above member, you have unlimited access to the Members page and its features, meaning you can reach out and communicate with as many members as you like! Your full range of benefits can be viewed here

If you have not reached Gold status yet, you too have access to this Members page and can see everyone in your local community, however the number of profiles you can view is dependant on your membership level. 

To access the full range of benefits of the Members page, get active and involved in your community and soon enough you’ll have enough membership points to reach Gold status! Learn more about Stitch Membership Points here.

The Members page was created so members within local communities (and global communities if you so wish) could more easily find and connect with one another, helping to cultivate more connections and friendships between members. Anyone who abuses this feature by using it inappropriately or spamming their fellow Stitchers will be removed from the community.

For a detailed guide on how to use the Members page and a list of all the benefits, click here

Add an event to your online calendar

After you have posted an activity or registered to attend one, you can now add this event to your online calendar.

The Add to Calendar option can be found on the specific event page next to the event details, as shown in the image below. 

After selecting the Add to Calendar icon, you will be presented with two options, as shown below.

  • Download Calendar: If you select this option, a file will download which when prompted, you should open. You can then open this file to add it to your calendar in your default calendar app.
  • Add to Google Calendar: If you select this option the details of the event will be automatically added to your Google Calendar. You have the option to edit some of the details if you so wish. 

Please note the Add to Calendar feature only works in the web version of Stitch. A future update will introduce this feature to the Stitch app. 

Invite loved ones to Stitch Activities & Events 

You can now invite your friends and family that are not already Stitch members to activities and events held by the Stitch community (provided they are over 50).

By introducing them to the community you are helping to expand their social circle, as well as exposing the community to wonderful new people. 

You can invite them to activities and events simply by sending them the event link, or by sharing the event on social media. 

To attend, they would need to complete the event registration form (shown below), which are just a few simple questions that help to form a mini Stitch profile for them. 

If, after the event, they believe the Stitch community is right for them, they have the option to complete their profile and become active and engaged members of the community. 

Please note, your friends and family can only attend open events. 

(Open events are those that all members of Stitch can attend, no matter what membership level they are at. They are identifiable by the pink tabs above an event. See image below.)

November and December 2018

October 2018

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